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Are you ready to vote?

When you vote every few months or years, the poll site can feel unfamiliar, but don't be intimidated! The PSA Bunny is here with this politically neutral Poll Site Survival Guide

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Although this comic aims to speak generally, the terms, descriptions, and rules you see may be different where you are. Please use this a starting point to get more familiar with your poll site and election laws.

There's more?

But what if you just don't feel well enough informed to vote?


Just the Links

General State by State Rules and Guides:
Rock the Vote
Election Protection
How to Vote in Every State

Do you need ID?

(Even if your state doesn't require it, bring valid ID just in case. There are situations where you may be asked to show it)
VoteRider for quick reference on the rules
Spread the Vote to help get ID

Who to turn to?

Call (866) OUR VOTE

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